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Me: I am super duper excited right now and I still can’t believe Ramadan has started. A day ago all the shaitans were roamin’ in the streets, whisperin’ in our ears to do bad sh-stuff and now they be locked up! That means we only have one month to set ourselves straight and surprise the hell out of them! Get it? ;O

You: 😐

A month and a half ago I got really sick, hospitalised and all, and since then I’ve found myself becoming extremely unproductive, lazy and loserish. So personally, I am really looking forward to Ramadan so I may become productive, energetic, and a winner. #winning. Since it’s a new month, a new routine, a new beginning, I believe it will be easier to bring about a positive change with Allah’s help.

You: So how do you plan on doing that?

Me: Good question. Well the first thing I plan on doing is to plan out my Ramadan.

You: Great. Could you help me out as well, I want to be a winner too! (and I’m too lazy to do it myself)

Me: Alright let’s get to it.

1. Let’s begin by making a decision (intention). Decision: This Ramadan with the help of Allah (‘azawajal), I will change to become a better person. When you make this decision, make sure you mean it and you believe in it.

2. Make Du’a to Allah (‘azawajal) to help you become steadfast in the decision you just made and to help you achieve it.

3. Ramadan is not a month only for a ‘religious’ transformation, but rather you should aim for improving yourself as a whole. Socially, physically, spiritually and mentally. I have made a list of a few goals you can set. Take a paper and pencil, and write your goals down. Here goes.

SurahAlKahfa. Quran – In this blessed month, our relationship with the Quran should strengthen. We should make it our habit to read a section of the Quran with proper recitation on a consistent basis. Since I don’t know Arabic, I make sure to also read the translation so I understand the meaning. is a great website which I believe will be an amazing help to you.

Pick one of the following: (a) Cool: Recitation of half a Juz a day, (b) Amazing: Recitation of one full Juz a day, (c) Fantabulous: Recitation of two Juz a day, (d) Boss: Recitation of more than 2 Juz.

Bonus: Read with Tarteel (recite it slowly and properly) + read translation + tajweed.

b. Prayer – Salah is one of the most important parts of Islam. During non-Ramadan days, stupid shaitan makes us lazy, gets us to skip and sometimes completely forget about Salah. But since he be locked up, we can make an effort to overcome our laziness.

Pick one of the following: (a) Cool: Five daily prayers and sunnahs, (b) Amazing: + all taraweeh prayers. (c) Fantabulous: + ishraaq (two raka’at after the sun has risen), (d) Boss: + qiyaam (night prayer).

Bonus: Perform prayer in congregation, on time, with proper wudhu, taqwa and khushoo.

Muslim-Dua-300x244c. Du’as – This is your hotline with Allah (‘azawajal) which is opened 24/7/365. Ask for all the things you want. For personal Du’as, my recommendation would be to sit down, take a paper and pencil, and make a list of your top Du’as. In other words, think about what you really want and then make Du’as accordingly and regularly.

Pick one of the following: (a) Cool: Personal Du’as, (b) Amazing: (a) + Athkar after Prayer, (c) Fantabulous: (b) + Morning and Evening Athkar, (d) Boss: (c) + More!

Bonus: Mean it. Know that your Rab is listening to you. Have strong belief.

Note: Don’t go around telling others to make Du’a for you if you yourself aren’t making them. Indeed He is the All-Hearing.

d. Relatives – It is important that we learn to mend ties with our relatives. Start with your Family. Pick up that phone and tell your parents and your spouse that you love them. Forgive your annoying chachi, nani, dadi (Boss: or mother in law). Buy them a gift, spend time with them, give them a hug. Whatsapp your siblings or whatever it is you kids do these days. Send them a smiley face emoticon (it makes a difference, trust me).

What’s the point in having all these social networking sites when you don’t even stay connected with your fambam!

e. Sadaqah – Make it a STRICT habit to give sadaqah to someone EVERY SINGLE DAY! Even if it be one (what ever your currency is). If you can, don’t just put it in a donation box, rather give it to a person physically. It doesn’t always have to be money.

f. Bad Habits – Leave at least five bad habits this Ramadan. You have 30 days to practice, that is more than enough time to break a habit. Movies, Music, TV Shows, Video Games, Sheesha, Drugs, Smoking, Drinking, Partying, BF/GFing, Fornication, Masturbating, Porn, Being Rude, Wasting Time, Useless Talking, etc.

Make a commitment, be strong, and ask Allah (the all powerful) for help.

Now obviously there are many more things that you can do, so in the comments below, share what plans you have for this Ramadan!

May The All-Merciful help us to keep our intentions clean, help us achieve our goals, accept our deeds and grant us more Ramadans.

Keep yo’ brotha’ Hisham Al Hadi in yo’ Du’as!

You: Ameen! I will. Thanks for the amazing tips. Inshallah I will definitely try to make an effort :D. Oh, and PLEASE post more posts!

13 thoughts on “Planning Your Ramadan”


    thank you so much sharing such beautiful, energetic lines with us . MAY ALLAH SUB HAN TALA bless u with ajary azeem and give tofiq and determination to act upon them ameen

  2. Salam Alaykoum, very nice and instructive article, thank you for this help. Let me share some elements from my personnal program…
    – Reading the whole qur’an But more focusing on the quality (the understanding) than the quantity
    -… and for this, studying tafsir (for this, I propose a super website of the teacher Ali Numan Khan , we even can find some illustrated version of tafsir, very short and ludic masha Allah !)
    – Recite daily sourates already memorized to not forget them and learn news !

    -Taraweeh when I will can incha Allah

    -listenning more Qur’an than anasheed

    -learn INCHA ALLah the 99 names of Allah!
    at a frequence of … let’s say 3 or 4 names by day

    -improve my arabic

    -learn more about stories of the prophets through the serie “qisas al anbiya” from the sheakh Nabil Al- Awadi, from Adam (‘alayhi as salem) until Muhamed (peace be upon him), here the link (sorry in oral arabic and french translation, but I’m sure you can easily find it in english version incha Allah:
    -there is also this other super serie about Omar Ibn Khatab, a very nice production ( , again in arabic oral and french translation, sorry)
    – also the serie ” Travel with the qur’an”,

    -daily invocations

    – then… you know all this personnal work about the nafs, this through du3as, reading a personnal selection of books which will help me in this work incha Allah, and writing, it helps me, this is how I do.

    – Trying to ensure my ” multiple roles ” and being the best daughter , friend, sister, aunt …! =D

    Bismillah! wa Ramadan karim bothers and sisters!

    (ps: sorry for my english)

  3. Asalam o alikm Hisham may you live a long life.
    I pray for all Muslims and your family, especially your mom Dr Farhat Hashmi.
    She is very good teacher of Islam.

  4. Mashallah very nice tips, JZKK, and Inshallah all our family will try to do our best to get maximum rewards in Ramadan and will surely pray for you Inshallah.

  5. Thank you so much. It is a very helpful article, especially the concept of leaving 5 bad habits 🙂 . Jazak Allah.

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